Victorinox Mini Champ

Brand: Victorinox
Product Code: Victorinox-Mini-Champ
Price: £32.99

At home or while traveling: Thanks to 16 functions, you always have the right tool to hand in every situation. 

1. Nailfile with 
2. -nail cleaner 
3. Key ring inox 
4. Ballpoint pen 
5. Cuticle pusher 
6. Blade 
7. Scissors 
8. Orange peeler with 
9. -scraper 
10. Letter opener (blade) 
11. Tweezers or Toothpick 
12. Screwdriver with 
13. -ruler 
14. Cap lifter with 
15. -magnet. Phillips screwdriver 
16. -wire stripper 

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