Browning B725 UK Game 12G Shotgun

Brand: Browning
Product Code: Browning B725 UK Game 12G
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ensuring a uniform concentration of shot pattern when using steal or lead and an exclusive internal shape and a patented gas seal segment. The double seal is fitted with compression rings that limit penetration of combustion gas between the choke and the barrel. The thread on the muzzle side forms an obstacle to prevent exhaust gasses from entering while the ring stops the Invector DS from unscrewing when firing.This guarantees that the choke stays clean and is easy to remove under any conditions. Canon Back-bored Vector Pro The B725 barrels are with the new Back-bored Vector Pro shape and Invector DS chokes. This provides perfect balance, ergonomics and swing in all shooting conditions. The principle of the new barrels is to improve the diameter of the bore and to extend the forcing cone which provides three advantages Increased speed and better penetration by reducing friction between the shot and the walls of the barrel. Better shot pattern by reducing any pellet deformation when going through the forcing cone between the chamber and the barrel bore. Recoil is reduced because the shot load moves more freely. Mechanical firing The B725 has an improved mechanical firing system, allowing the shooter to really feel the shot as the trigger is pulled. The new firing system is shorter, faster and lighter giving more control over your shooting and guaranteeing that a second shot can be fired whatever the circumstance. Unlike inertial systems you will still be able to fire when you only have one cartridge in your gun. Inflex II recoil pad A totally new ultra flexible Inflex II recoil pad is fitted on all B725 shotguns as standard. It provides the best absorption possible because it generates a downward movement of the stock when the gun is fired. This moves the gun away from the shooters cheek giving incomparable comfort when firing.

Gun Type Shotgun

Gun Make Browning

Orientation Right/Left Hand Stock

Calibre 12G

Mechanism Over and Under

Barrel Length 28"/30"/32"

Gun Style Game

Gun Condition New

Choke 1 M/C

Choke 2 M/C

Chamber 3"

Packaged in Browning ABS case

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